Company Introduction


This brochure is intended to provide general information of INFRA TECHNOLOGY SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED (ITS) for our clients.

The information is including company background, company core business and diversification, company organization, company expertise and experiences.


As we enter the new millennium in Globalization of Trade and Technology that is rastically required our competitiveness to the forthcoming challenges. We offer the excellent services and commit to satisfy the diversifying needs of our clients. ITS is poised to take on increasing demands of quality and achieve cost effective investment of the clients.

In today’s market, no company can stand alone and provide seamless solutions. ITS has long experienced this fact and has invested years in strategic alliances necessary to ensure every client receive reliable operation and integration with their systems. Our services integrate with technology than any other in the market.lo_feedmill

Why should ITS be qualified for the clients’ projects? ITS’s executives are always please to answer this question in detail. Just call and give us the opportunity to serve you.

Our motto of “Better Technology We Perform” is our confidence that we are committed to inspire with new engineering technologies to further improve our services.


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